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I will work with you mindfully to create small positive steps for lasting behavior change  to achieve your goals related to weight loss, relaxation, sleep and energy to name a few. I have an understanding of the Functional Medicine model which is individualized to you, holistic, and a science based approach that is often collaborative among practitioners. We work together to identify the root cause for peoples health issues. These health issues may also stem from lifestyle factors, which can be explored through health coaching.  The VIA Character Strengths is a tool I use in Health Coaching. With this tool, we will learn about your top character strengths and how they can be applied to help you reach your goals for optimal wellness. Click on the complimentary VIA survey to know your top character strengths which I will help you enhance toward behaviour changes in your health.  Contact me

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Live an Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle to promote Longevity,

supported by this Health Coach as a Registered Nurse.


The 1st steps to health are in your own kitchen. The elimination food plan is a 21 day focus introducing food and eliminating food that can be inflammatory. Inflammation has been shown to be associated with many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease & stroke.

           – Geraldine Novy BS, RN, NC-BC, FMCHC, Integrative Health Coach

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As a Creative and Holistic RN, I offer support as a Health Coach through an understanding of Functional Medicine, positive psychology, and coaching principles.

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“Cleveland Clinic is the first academic medical center in the United States to embrace Functional Medicine.”


“Nurses rank as most Trusted profession for 16th straight year”.  – Gallup News

As health coaching develops into a rapid growing role within health and health-care today, holistic nurse coaches are uniquely situated to unite their clinical experience and professional knowledge with mind, body, spirit skills and values for the wellness of people and groups. I am active as a Registered Nurse on a stroke, heart & diabetes certified unit in a hospital along with developing Pinwheel, The Art of Wellness Lifestyle business in the community as a Health Coach.

I trained as a Health Coach with both, Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach program and the Functional Medicine Health Coach program (FMCHC), along with becoming a CDC Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach. I am also Nurse Coach-Board Certified (NC-BC) through American Holistic Nurses Association Credentialing Corporation.  I Health Coach the Bariatric & Metabolic Support Group at the hospital as well.  As a Health Coach, I partner with you to create your individualized and proactive health plan adopting lifestyle behaviour changes for your optimal wellness. Contact me

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Addressing and supporting your Vision of Health starts here. Take the complimentary VIA survey at the top. Feel free to complete the Client Intake form above which will connect us for further discussion toward your optimal wellness.

A passion is to share my knowledge with the Chefs whom prepare our meals daily. I am available to support you in health and share evidence-based food plans which will contribute to a greater result in your health and wellness along with the people you serve in the joy of dining.  Contact me

Working closely with Physicians has provided enhanced appreciation of your healing spirit.  I offer a health coaching plan to support your well-being and focus on your greater health in the personalized approach.  I encourage you to reach-out to  share your story for success in optimal wellness.  Contact me

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“The first wealth is health.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


in The Art of Wellness Lifestyle

“We are what we eat” as then “Food is our Medicine”.

This is a value I share as well as listening to your story and addressing your vision.  Our daily food choices are important.

This starts with whole, clean foods.  I offer a complimentary “Eat a Rainbow” Foods & Benefits Guide. This lists the colorful fruits & vegetables and identifies their health benefits.

This is essential and meant to start you on whole, clean food in your kitchen. In our coaching session, I will also share with you several food plans that provide you with the support you need to make the dietary changes you desire. One of the food plans I share with you is the IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine) Elimination Diet Food Plan. This is often used by Functional Medicine practitioners to reduce inflammation, identify food triggers and reduce toxic burden. Being mindful with proper eating choices and habits promotes weight control, deeper sleep, decreased disease as in diabetes or heart disease and increased energy to enjoy doing more.

Contact me for support, or complete the Client Intake form located on the website to get started. A complimentary coaching session for an hour, is offered with completion of the Client Intake form.

Could a raised bed, organic garden benefit you?  It has for me! I have made it convenient with four designed blocks which you may purchase. Custom size boards slide into the Garden Blocks. No tools needed. Custom cut boards and getting organic soil is at your local big chain hardware store. Eating healthy by starting with a small garden and knowing it is organic soil is key for your bodies wellness, meaning no pesticides or herbicides which cause inflammation. This is the benefit of buying organic food. I offer you the “Dirty Dozen” & “Clean 15” food list. Contact me to learn more about your personal Garden Blocks” which I include 1 hour complimentary coaching for your success.

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Geraldine Novy  BS, RN, NC-BC, FMCHC

Integrative Health Coach, CDC Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach

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Complimentary “Eat a Rainbow” Foods & Benefits Guide

COMPLETE Client Intake includes 1 hour Complimentary Health Coaching

Complimentary “Dirty Dozen” & “Clean 15” food list

Organic Garden – Garden Blocks includes 1 hour Complimentary Health Coaching


Geraldine is an amazing, caring Nurse Coach. Her coaching has provided invaluable to me. She is helping me with health issues and with weight loss. I highly recommend her.”



“Exercise does not just make your body stronger, but it actually works its magic to protect and preserve brain function by controlling inflammation.”

– David Perlmutter MD

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“Each of us is 1 of 1”, therefore an individualized “whole person” approach is created as a plan for your optimal health…Mind, Body & Spirit as One.

A philosophy & lifestyle of Geraldine’s As A Functional Medicne Certified Health Coach & Holistic RN


My Health Story

has always involved being creative and athletics growing up in Cleveland, Ohio. Playing sports from AAU, CYO, and at CH high school to the point of participating in a state track meet to ice skating winters.  A lovely influence in my  life encouraged my creativity which resulted in a degree from Kent State in Industrial Design. My work was my joy as an International Lighting Designer in the home furnishings market for 20 years. I was fortunate to see the world in this creative profession and embraced how people are individuals as in “1of 1” created art in their mind, body & spiritually unique existence.

During this time I was living in stress and not eating well. I was diagnosed with IBS. I had applied the Macrobiotic diet to my life. I would fast two days prior to flying 22 hours to Asia to avoid digestive issues.  A  physician I saw wrote one word on a prescription pad “YOGA”.  My first yoga class exposed me to guided imagery, breathing techniques and connecting mind, body and spirit along with continued practiced yoga asana’s today. This was the beginning of healing my gut. Thank you Dr. Bruce Cameron.

Decompressing from stress became a value. I moved to Naples, Florida as a fine Artist painting commission artwork through design centers, participating in public art and instructing at Naples Art Association, Von Liebig Art Center. Economy shifts and my curiosity in my health lead me to becoming a nurse. My mother was a nurse and had treated us holistically. I became a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). I was part of North Naples Hospital nursing staff which included arts & healing at the main campus. I was honored to be a three year nominee for “Nurse of the Year” by North Naples Hospital and two year nominee for “Nurse Mentor of the Year”.

I created Pinwheel, The Art of Wellness Lifestyle as a Registered Nurse. My vision was to support and educate people how to live a healthy life as well. All of this was evolving when realized through lab work that I was lead toxic from my past industrial design profession. My hair was thinning and falling out, lack of energy, memory issues, atrophy and digestion seemed to stop! I was fortunate to know Dr. David Perlmutter, a board certified neurologist and now author of many New York Best Sellers, “Grain Brain” being one. He replenished my health which conventional medicine failed to do. This put me back on the ice skating today with an Adult Championship Synchronized Team in Tampa. Thank you Dr. David Perlmutter.

Health Coaching was a new and evolving profession. I joined my sister Elizabeth at Duke Integrative Medicine to become an Integrative Health Coach. I was granted Nurse Coach – Board Certified (NC-BC) after petitioning to test, by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

My desire is to coach and share my resources in Health & Wellness with the community. I serve my area hospital as an RN and Health Coach to the Bariatric & Metabolic support group. Four organic gardens provide food for me, one which is community oriented. My food choices are whole, clean and organic for optimal wellness. My intention is health coaching you as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC).  I believe this is the ultimate form and philosophy for our well-being with evidence-based positive psychology & food plans.

My life story would not be complete without mentioning the immense gratitude for the people that are a part of my story from Cleveland, Brooklyn Heights, Cuyhoga Heights, Independence, Cape Coral, Naples to Tampa.

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With Best Wishes for Wellness

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“Each One Help One for the Greater Whole”

– Geraldine Novy BS, RN, NC-BC, FMCHC, Integrative Health Coach

Geraldine Novy  BS, RN, NC-BC, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Integrative Health Coach – Duke Integrative                                            Medicine

CDC Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach

Institute for Functional Medicine member

American Holistic Nurses Association

Organic Gardener

Aritist   Designer   Photographer

ISI Figure Skater

Individual & Group Health Coaching

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